The most important improvement that can be made to a waterfront property is erosion and shoreline protection.

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Seawall Design


In order to limit the amount of upland erosion or protect a property from storm events, a barrier between the land and water is often created. This barrier is known as a bulkhead or seawall.

Innovative Marine Structures has the experience and knowledge to assist you with all phases of your bulkhead or seawall project. Our turn-key approach will guide you through the site evaluation, structure design, materials evaluation, regulatory permitting, and the subsequent bulkhead and seawall construction.

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Custom Seawall Design

There are many solutions for your water barrier challenge. We build our seawalls from high quality materials for the greatest strength such as concrete, vinyl, sheet pile, rock/rip-rap revetments and traditional wood. Beautiful and dependable.

If you need a new seawall, we specialize in reinforced concrete inter-locking panels. These panels are jetted in to the ground, and then a high strength reinforced concrete cap is poured on top to ensure structural integrity.

We also do wood walls for a more nautical look.

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